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Layne  Date: 2004-06-06 20:51:51
Comments: The unheard of happened! The other week I was riding down the street at about 50mph. The engine on this ET4 has a Malossi variator kit, 187cc cylinder, and the Titanium pipe. Anyway, without warning the engine seized and locked the rear tire. As it is an automatic, I couldn't pull in the clutch so I had to hang on and ride it out like a champ. Anyway, I am still unsure what happened, but im pretty thankful that I didnt lay it down. I have never heard of an automatic four stroke seizing and locking the rear tire.

dawn corleone Date: 2004-05-18 18:42:45
Comments: now that's my kind of bike!
all of the bells and whistles!

Layne  Date: 2004-05-18 17:57:28
Comments: Yea, I realize that it's pretty much a circus. The pipe is a titanium exhaust offered by vespamotorsport (It's about $400.00 kind of expensive, but it makes an ET4 sound like a 4-stroke dirtbike, really mean!) The chrome spinner on the wheel is from a car spinner that I cut down to size and mounted using the existing center cap. With the new exhaust, I have enough clearance to mount one on the back. The scooter "Bosshogg" also has a custom stereo, alarm system, purple ground effects, and four fog lights.

jason  Date: 2004-05-03 18:59:11
Comments: Sweet, Lane you worked yer ass off, looks great, How and or where did you get the cover to the wheel. What kind of pipe is that?

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