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Here is picture of me.
Scooterist Picture

Lives inMA, RI
About:I like classic scooters, riding them, rallies and hanging with the cool people who like them too.

Scooters I own:
1987Honda Elite 250SOLD! A great first scooter, I have mostly fond memories from it only one not so nice ... haha
1979Vespa P200EMy daily rider for work and fun. I bought this scooter 2 summers ago with 3700 miles on it and now have over 7200. Would easily be over 12,000 if I didn't use my other scooters occasionally.
1963Vespa GLLove the look and throaty sound of my GL. I am not sure how many miles are on it or how fast I go (speedo gonzo) but it is a fun ride. Won "Best Vespa" at Charm City 2007 and "People's Choice" at Scootergate 2008.
2002Bajaj ChetakSold this summer to a good friend who wanted a reliable shifting scooter. Going from 2-stroke back to 4 just didn't do it for me anyway.