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Here is picture of me.
Scooterist Picture

Lives inSeattle, WA
About:About me:
I Ďm a late thirty something - early forty, Leo living in the Castro district of Seattle and loving every minute of it. I drink drip coffee with cream AND sugar. Iíd have Chicken fried steak everyday if I could. By day Iím a mild mannered IT geek reviewing reports for a major local retail chain. By night I can be found popping up at clubs for bingo, karaoke and booze. My good friend Sylvia OíStayformore and I are inseparable but yet we are never seen at the same place together. HMMM? I feel much more comfortable in front of 5,000 people then going up to guys to introduce myself. Iím membership coordinator for the Vespa Club of Seattle. Iím working on getting together a group of gay and lesbian Scooterists. I adore taking rides on my Vespa, going thrift shopping for old lounge records and turntables. I love industrial parts of town. I truly enjoy just hanging out and talking with people or just watching people go by. I tend to ask a bunch of questions about people's lives. I love collecting individual stories and situations. Especially people that have struggled one way or another. I have fun finding new parts of town and touring greasy spoons whenever I have a free moment. I go to as much live independent theater and performances as I can. My favorite colors are turquoise and purple. I write like a talk. I dream being able to tour the country in a vintage trailer and a scooter going from rally to rally, meeting new people. Now that would be amazing!
Who I'd like to meet:
Iím looking for some people to hang out with. Bad Boys and Girls with Big Hair and Big Cars. Scooter folk, Punk Boys, Rock-billy kids, Theater FAGS, Trailer Park Trash, People who can enjoy a good tease. Kids who like to run with a ruff crowd and know how to have fun but respect others.

Scooters I own:
2002ET4Orginally Light Green. It was cutomized as a woodie last year for Amerivespa. It's now Sophia the Country Sedan