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Here is picture of me.
Scooterist Picture

Lives inEllicott City, Maryland
Cannonball 06
Cannonball 08

Hobbies: the 4 P's: Piaggio scooters, port wine, pens (rollerball) and ...

Scooters I own:
2006Vespa GTS 250This scooter did the Cannonball 2006 run. It went coast to coast and back that year.
2001Vespa ET2Light green with Malossi 70cc kit. In Miami.
1957Lambretta LD 125Runs suckas ... for now :)
1961Vespa VNBTook a hit from a driver who ran a stop sign. Trying to resurrect it.
2007Vespa GTV 250On the west coast waiting for the Cannonball 2008.