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Here are a few pictures of me.
Scooterist Picture
Scooterist Picture
Scooterist Picture
Scooterist Picture
Scooterist Picture
Scooterist Picture
Scooterist Picture
Scooterist Picture
Scooterist Picture
Scooterist Picture
Scooterist Picture
Scooterist Picture
Scooterist Picture

Lives inCampbell, California
About:email me if you see something you like.
LOts for SALE!!!
bring a truck.
BMW not for sale.

Scooters I own:
1961BMW R27single cyl. 250cc 15,000 made worldwide. This was the SJBMW bike that hung over the service center entrance.
1988Vespa Cosa LX200its a Cosa thing.. you wouldn't understand. to be restored 2013.
1957Lambretta LD150its got a basket.
1974Vespa Rally 200got it sight unseen out of a barn in California Valley. (central Ca.) Put gas in it and have been riding it unrestored ever since. traded away 11/19/2010. it will be missed.
1958Lambretta TV175 series 1complete runner. Has extra motor and headset. Absolute plush ride.
1961Vespa Sears Allstate 125its little and red. I traded a P200 for it years ago.
1971BMW R75/5its not a scooter but I sold a scooter to get it. (this one ------>) now its sold 11/13/11 thanks JD!
2000BMW R1100SSo now this is becoming a problem as well. My second R11S. Prep bike, no ABS no heated grips. low miles and bags! Here we go again.
1976Vespa Sprint V. 150original owner bike barnfind
1979 Vespa P125X600 mi. original owner bike now kitted 166 DR/sito+ does 66.6 mph
1996Italjet Velocifero 50greatest 50cc ever. 4/21/2010 FOR SALE $600 obo.
2000Ducati Monster 750Pure Italian Awesome. Sold 12/2/2011.
1976Yamaha RD 250stupid bike with stupid 350 topend and stupid twostroke power. Totally lame. Sold 8/21/10
2006lx50Jaime's first scooter.
1962Lambretta Li125190 kit. Used to be furry. I am now worried I have a scooter problem.
2006 FLY 150 Piaggiommm plastic. It starts every time. SOLD 4/30/12
1957Allstate 125Vespa Allstate 125 from Chicago
1979P 125 XStock. Like your grandpa had. Down to the bitchin' windshield and homemade broken messed up rear view mirror. Low miles and never down. Still has the tool kit and tire pump. Running OG cracked tires. Badass. Roll quiet and slow AARP style. sold it. now its gone.
1977piglet chopperJosh Fro's Piglet. Why did I buy it? Dunno. It is awesome.
1959 GS 150got it in a pile of scooters deal. The pictures are the day I unloaded it from the truck. plus the new cowl.
1957 Lambretta LD 150 mkIIIGot it in a pile of bikes deal. It now is LD #2 in the group. Will be for sale soon. SOLD 9/30/2012
1962 Lambretta LI 125 serie IIGot it in a pile of bikes deal. It has been sold. Now in SF in secret hands.
1964Vespa (90) now PrimaveraBuilt by Elm City Dave and raffled off to benefit Steven Deal. Neat little bike - polini exhaust, 135 kit, 50 special seat. Looks clean and goes like an angry bee.
1959VS5 GS 150pile of parts. It will most likely be partially put together and abandoned in the garage. It is definitely for sale. It has been picked apart to finish another project. NOW FOR SALE - missing side panels and headset. Has motor in pieces and tons of parts. $1000 11/12/12 SOLD -August 2013
2005PX 150PX 150 electric start. Disc brake. As modern as it gets at this point.
1974rally cowla picture of my old Push Start MSC rally cowl now on this scooter owned by some dude in Sacramento
1999BMW R1100Smy 4th Beemer.
1960Harley Davidson Topper AModel A. Came with two other bikes. Scoot! Josh has the red one in the picture.

Here are a few of my favorite rally pictures.