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Lives inMorecambe, Lancs
I bought my first Lambretta Li150 at the age of 13 back in about 84.Owned all sorts of motorbikes along the way but always had a GP200 sat in the back of the garage that I would,nt sell.
Then around 5 years ago I started buying different scooters again and getting back into the scene.I've built a Malossi 210 tuned engine for my P200E and re-built my origanal GP200 engine that I built 17 years ago using the same TS1 kit.

Scooters I own:
1970Lambretta GP200Italian 22/2 Gp200 owned for the last 17 years
1969GP125/200Imported from Italy some time ago this is a real minter and now has a GP200 motor in
1975150 Not So SuperThis one was found locally in a old fella's dining room.It had sat there since 1978 when the tax run out.Solidly siezed and needing a little TLC I Totally rebuilt the motor and rode it until bored(about 1 week)then sold it.
2000180 SPIt was cheap,thats my excuse and I thought I had to try one before slagging them off.Still prefer the Lammy anyday for handling and performace.
1997SIL GP200I bought this new as a experiment to see how unreliable a new Lambretta could be.Rode it back to Rayspeeds many times 400mls round trip.All its ever cost me is new clutch,rear hub,cables,carb, and a few bulbs.(Totally Reliable)10,000mls now clocked.