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Here are a few pictures of me.
Scooterist Picture
Scooterist Picture

Lives inSanta Maria, California
About:Hi, my name is Aaron. One of the members of Strange Brew scooter crew in Santa Maria. I ride a 1979 P 125 with a 150 top end, its a stocker. Im a full time student for the arts (fine and graphics) at Alan Hancock College. I work as a automotive starter rebuilder part time. I do pinstriping and other custom works of art. I work with murals, canvas in oil or acrylic, self portraits, and graphic design. I work in many different types of media and I am always looking to collaborate with fellow artists. I can be contacted for art work/ pinstriping or any ideas at my email; Im also on under the name Ghost in the Gears.
If you see me or Strange Brew on any Cali rallies come up and say hello.


Scooters I own:
1979p 125xThe whole scoot is basicly stock. The 125cc now has a 150cc top end on it. New full resto, with new Italia Leg shield stripes. Daily rider.
1979p200eCost me 200 bucks, and it only has 1,100 miles on it. You try finding a deal like that in SF.....