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Here are a few pictures of me.
Scooterist Picture
Scooterist Picture
Scooterist Picture
Scooterist Picture

About:Alright, basics first since everyone always asks I'm 24 CSUB student..6'0" "MUF DVR" yes <<< truely! I'm a stubborn Capricorn, but can be docile, and steadfast. A Rhetorical thinker, but reasonable and open minded to the point that I become too pragmatic about things. Moretheless, I'm a proper Skinhead from Central CA I'm no bonehead nor biggot. Indeed I was a Photographer, at one time for a premier Skinhead Reggae band called the Soulsteppers. After all, I do Black & white photography whenever I get the chance..Certainly, into vinyl Records mostly Northern Soul and Skinhead Reggae. Meanwhile just clinging to scootering at the moment, got a series two Tv175 Lambretta that will be getting a makeover maybe a GP200 engine or an Imola kit. Anyhow, since it's five o'clock somewhere I enjoy a glass of the fniest dark ale beer still, it's always a glass of Guinness. Next, I do enjoy viewing contemporary films, flics mostly independent ones. Furthermore, I enjoy soccer matches/games and the clubs I support are listed as follow: F.C.Barcelona, C.A.Osasuna, Liverpool, Celtic, Cruz Azul, & River Plate. Next, I enjoy a social nights oppose to being at the mall surrounded by large numbers of individuals/strangers. Finally, "Modernist don't Die..They just give themselves away to the new when they felt too old.A Cropped haircut, Among other items BenSherman, FredPerry shirts,Dormeuil Tonik Suits, Levi's Jeans, Red socks & Loafer Shoes."

Scooters I own:
1961Lambretta Tv175

Here are a few of my favorite rally pictures.