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David Berg!

Here is picture of me.
Scooterist Picture

NameDavid Berg!
Lives inSalt Lake City,
About:Let's ride!

The proper way to winterize your scoot is studded snow tires!

196X Motovespa 160
2002 Bajaj Chetak (for sale)
1975 Vespa V5A smallframe, 125 PKS engine
2003 Stella (for sale)
1971? Vespa 150 roundtail (Made by Bajaj, under license for the India market) (for sale)
Soon: Stella 4T!

Scooters I own:
196XMotovespa 160(currently original & not really running but will one day be gorgeous!) First model vespa with electronic ignition (preceding the Rally). Cosmetically almost identical to a Rally SS 180, except the last part of the exhaust which is flattened horizontally for the final last few inches, rather than the ss which is vertical. (Anyone fluent in Spanish may come up with more) (not actual scoot in this pic but it is the right model)