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Here is picture of me.
Scooterist Picture

Lives inCLEVELAND!!!, Ohio
About:I'm a east side Clevelander, a firefighter that rides Vespas with my best friend, a cop, who has been abandoned, as well as I, by the mainstream civil servants on their huge motorcycles that suggest a lack of penises. We shun them right the hell back.

"Ride with all, affiliate with none."

Black Sheep Squadron

Scooters I own:
2005Vespa GT200My first ever brand new vehicle, a black beauty called "FLUX," I love her, even if she's not vintage. Phil Watters at P.O.C. has helped her become even faster by adding on a Scorpion pipe and a Malossi cylinder kit with all the asorted bells and whistles I'm not about to fuck with. Now I see new suspension has come out, yet another thing to throw some money at. That's okay, I could be on drugs.