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Lives inSanta Barbara, CA
About:Used to be a partner in a scooter shop back in 1986 till about 1991 while a student at UCSB. The shop was in Isla Vista and was fun to operate. Had about 19 Lambrettas and about 40 Vespas of my own. For some reason I thought it was the right thing to get out of the scooter business and to get rid of all of my scooters. Over the past year or so I have been starting to gather scooters and attend rallys. Used to be a Mod but now just me.

Scooters I own:
1963Lambretta LI 150Has a 175 top end with electronic ignition. It is very smooth and fast. It sounds like a leaf blower on steroids and could use a paint job, but runs great. I ride this almost daily.
1966Lambretta SX 200Absolutely perfect, dead-stock and original, mint condition SX 200. This scooter has never been touched. I ride it a couple of times a month.
1966Lambretta SX 200This is another SX 200 that I have. It is original and in perfect condition with an electronic ignition. It has had some work done on the top end. I ride this several times a week.
1978Lambretta Jet 200Bought this brand new from the storage area of closed motorcycle shop in Louisiana.
1962Lambretta Li 150Series 2 Li 150 made on the last day of the series 2 production. Has Rapido 225 engine.