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James ATX

Here are a few pictures of me.
Scooterist Picture
Scooterist Picture

NameJames ATX
Lives inSouth Austin, Texas
About:I have 4 bikes. 2 of them run. I wish more did, but I only have 2 hands, goddammit. Plus, I'm lazy.

Scooters I own:
1981P200EThis bike was the previous owner's only transportation in LA for 6 years or so. It looks like it. I love it that way, and will only change the sitckers.
1977Primavera 125 ET3Pretty much stock, pretty much running, really Kryloned.
1981Bajaj ChetakIn peices. Lots of them. So many peices.....
1987PK50XLS Elestart PlurimaticNot running. Low priority.