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Here is picture of me.
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Lives inNew York City, NY
About:I have a collection of non running small frame lambrettas, and probably have more non running scooters than anyone else in NYC. Among my working scooters: Lambretta Jet 200 with some performance mods, and a P125. I also have a cushman 3 wheeler that has a pimped out sound system.

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Scooters I own:
1970Lambretta Jet 200with Mikuni Carb (28mm flat slide) and front disk brake
1979Vespa P 125<embarassed> it's reliable
Lambretta Centoactually 3 in pieces
Lambretta J50Needs lots of work
1979Vespa ET3Full Circle Crank, Malossi 135 and 25mm carb with reed valve, still not on the road
1994Cushman 3 Wheelerwith a 1K watt JL Sound System in the back!