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John vt

Here are a few pictures of me.
Scooterist Picture
Scooterist Picture
Scooterist Picture

NameJohn vt
Lives inAmsterdam, Holland
About:I like cheese and scooters.

Scooters I own:
1969Lambretta DL200/ GP200Hmmm... lovely bike. Found it in Holland the week after I drove all the way to Milan to pick up one from Vittorio - sold the one from Vittorio as this one didnt need a full resto. The one I sold is now owned by my mate Markus in Germany. Its since had a tune up in Germany by Worb 5 with electronic kit fitted. Very happy with this bike.
1963Lambretta TV 175 3rd Seriesadded a nice Worb5 Ts1 road tune. Now 25hp. Lovely bike. I seized it doing some plug chops and forgetting to do the sparkplug up properly. Now fixed. Full images, dyno & specs here:
1963Vespa GS160 Mk2Restored By Andy Reed. Has a great Pinasco conversion with a p200 engine, standard crank, PM evo pipe and near standard vortex carb. Update: engine totally shagged as vortex carb sucked in a loose screw. Need a totally new kit, cases and crank. Bugger.
1959Vespa GLaGL racer - polini 177. Some jetting work will take it to 18hp.
1985not applicablejust using this for hosting some random images. Race photos are off lelystad race 2005.
1957vespa gs 150 - VS3Needs a paintjob & a rear light but its all there. Tasty bike!
1968Lambretta SX 200just a frame at the moment but a real italian one. Still need to source the rest so will take a while to complete
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