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Michael Ambrose

Here is picture of me.
Scooterist Picture

NameMichael Ambrose
Lives inSouth Bound Brook, NJ
About:I'm a musician by nature and, although I never intended it to turn out this way, by profession. I primarily play with a band called Hub City Stompers, a three-year staple at the Solerunners Scooter Rally. On the side I front a small rockabilly trio called Reverend Hambone and his Church Keys and sit in with bands such as Bigger Thomas and The Rudie Crew.

I live for vintage gear... guitars, organs, amplifiers... and I own more gear than I can handle... everything from a '66 Mosrite Ventures Model to a Teisco Del Rey, a Farfisa to a Fender Rhodes Seventy-Three Stage Piano.

My ride is a '59 Lambretta LI150 Series 1 named 'Enzo.' I pal around with a bunch of the Solerunners, but I've no club affiliation.

Scooters I own:
1959Lambretta LI150 Series 1"Enzo." Yeah, he's rough looking, and he won't keep up with you SX types, but he's running like there's no tomorrow and he gets me where I need to go. He's a slow, relaxed but grumpy old man of a bike... and me being a slow, relaxed but old man, we mesh well.