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Here is picture of me.
Scooterist Picture

Lives inJacksonville, Fl

Scooters I own:
1984Vespa PK125ETSFully rebuilt in 2002 with a 135cc kit, reed valve carb kit and upgear kit.
1985Vespa Euro P125Fully rebuilt and painted in Racer X theme. Pinasco 215cc kit with 60mm stroker crank, JL pipe, upgear kit and large carb
1987Vespa P200EI use this nice frame to test the motors that I build for my self. I do not work on other peoples stuff. I have to many projects of my own. That motor is now in the Racer X scoot. A 210cc motor will replace it soon.
1957Vespa VB1Almost original. Was won in an New York Cancer Society Auction and shipped from the Piaggio factory to the man I purchased it from. The factory did a rebuild and spray. Not to nice a paint job but looks ok. OEM parts thru out. Runs good seems to need a seal or two. Will rebuild motor after all my hot rod P motors are built and tunned,
1980Vespa P200all original 3200 miles, all documents, including tires