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Here is picture of me.
Scooterist Picture

Lives inKansas City, MO

Scooters I own:
2005Vespa GT200I sold this in Nov. of '06 to Patrick O'Dea.
1980Vespa P200Everyone needs a daily rider. Unfortunately this one met a car head on in December of '06 and isn't quite back on the road yet.
1985Vespa T5A basketcase that was put back on the road by Anthony Parish. I crashed it and then Javaspeed put it back together into the show bike you see here.
1964Lambretta Series IIIGP200, 24mm Makuni, ScootRS Pipe, wide tire kit, tuned by Deanspeed. Winner King's Classic Best Lambretta. Sold and probably never coming back. :(
2001Vespa ET4I fought the SUV and it won. I sold this bike.
1986Sport 100 w/ P210Small frame with P210 in it. 35mm Makuni, lightened flywheel, wide tire, JL Right Side, racing crank, fast throttle, you name it. Best Customized 2005 Boston City Rally.
1990Vespa PK50Purchased on German eBay and entirely rebuilt with a 133 Polini and more. Ported by Andy Reid in Amsterdam. After riding it throughout Europe on the PK Challenge it was shipped back to the states on this pallet.
1978Sport 100Original body and paint. 1600 miles. Polini 130 kit/Polini pipe. Purchased in Nov '06 from Patrick O'Dea. Sold in Sept. '07 to Millie.
2007Vespa GTSWhen you need to run 80mph along the semi trucks, you want this bike. I sold this the summer of '08 via consignment at Motoworks.
2005StellaWhen the P went down, a "vintage" daily was required. Sold this to someone outside of Detroit when I upgraded to a new daily PX200E.
2002Vespa PX200EI got this one from Paul in Vegas. Lovely bike. When Katherine and I broke up I sold it to her for a song.
1981Vespa P200EI got this bike from Paul in the summer of '08 and it has become my daily rider.

Here are a few of my favorite rally pictures.