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Tim (Irish Tim,etc)

Here are a few pictures of me.
Scooterist Picture
Scooterist Picture

NameTim (Irish Tim,etc)
Lives in, Ohio
About: Our garage houses mainly scoot stuff now.

Scooters I own:
1974Vespa V90Was an old lady's garage special traded-in at Atlanta's MotoBravo. Nearly all-original (turn signals still work!). Won "Best 60's-70's Vespa" at AmeriVespa 2005. Lovely green 90cc small-frame. Top Speed: 45 MPH downhill in a tailwind. So nerdy it's cool! Was upgrade to 135cc with JL pipe. Was traded-in at POC.
2005Kymco Grand Vista 250 It's like sittin' in your living room. Yes, it's plastic and tng but 90 mph, 78 MPG (at 55 mph)and carries a ton of gear. (Katey of Rovers' SC sez "Man, you could put a body in there!") Was a great, reliable scoot. Traded it in on 2007 Vespa GTS250ie.
2002Genuine Stella 150 POC and Garner's had a contest to see who'd sell the first Stella. Ship time was 1 day less to Ohio than to Texas-so POC won. This is the very 1st Stella sold in USA! It went to Bill in Cambridge, OH then to me and now its back in it's original home at Phil Water's Pride of Cleveland (yes the POC Pipe guy) Scooters. ("Not for sale!" he says.)
1961Vespa VNB 125 Came to me from Austria via Scooter Station in Portland, OR. Next went happily to Jen Schein at Scenic City Scooters in Chattanooga, TN until sold to a friend.
2002Vespa ET-4 150 Bought it new in January '03 from Maz at Vespa Boston via eBay. Sold it to a Harley-riding, retired NY State Trooper in Buffalo. (At least it's black!)
1968Vespa VLB 150 Sprint Acquired 09/05 from Rick in Detroit. Was imported by Moto Bravo in Atlanta in 2002. Demon Larry Riley did the restore staying faithful to the original vintage silver color. Scoot was pepped-up by a Polini 177cc cyl and Simonini exhaust, Zippy 1's , etc. Traded-in at POC.
1983Vespa PX125E Acquired 09/2005 in 2 for 1 deal with above Sprint. (Was an everyday rider in Italy for nearly 20 years!)Solid and sweet with a few blemishes. Dig the WOODGRAIN! A great "do nothing to it and ride" scoot. Italian-market bike. No battery or oil inj. Imported by Motobravo in 2002. Sold to Mark in Nashville 03/2006 via eBay. Hate to see her go!
2005Genuine Stella 150 One of the very last of the first edition Stellas. Only 800 miles. Added 2006 Cozy sidecar in June 2006. Like new. Awesome. Great for meeting new friends-EVERYONE wants to talk to you about it! Sold 03/07 to Bobby from Marion, IN.
2007Vespa GTS250ie Vintage Red Awesome combo of power, speed and manuverability-and 75 MPG (fuel-inj). Mods include: Pirate Upholstery leather saddle, Prima exhaust (have 2500+ mi. on in now), Vespa Rally stripes, etc. Sold June 2010 to Barb from Georgia.
1980Honda C70 DeluxePicked up a 1980 Honda C70 Deluxe scooter-all orig, all insignia in-place, the 3 OEM wire baskets (VERY hard to find one with all 3), 3 speed auto, 4 stroker, 40 MPH. Sold to Bobb from Owen Sound, Ontario.
2010SYM SymbaNew clone does the Honda Super Cub a bit better: 4 speed, adjustable shocks, easy oil screen removal, etc. 100cc, 52 MPH, 125+MPG! A blast to ride!

Here are a few of my favorite rally pictures.