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Tony F

Here are a few pictures of me.
Scooterist Picture
Scooterist Picture

NameTony F
Lives inAustin, TX
About:Scootin since '92

Scooters I own:
TV 175 Wildcatnot my scooter, but I painted it.
Lambretta X 225 TS1mirror like black paint SX225 TS1 w/ OG WCLW pipe and 35tmx. Jason Kidd calls 'em "droop bars"
'64Vespa 90scalloped paint, ported malossi, 24pwk, hammerzombie pipe
1960BSA Sunbeam/Triumph Tigressrare 250cc 4-stroke Bomb
'67 Lambretta StarstreamMy first Lammy from '96. Drop bars and other neat shit. Deanspeed buildin' the motor.

Here are a few of my favorite rally pictures.