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Here is picture of me.
Scooterist Picture

Lives inExtreme Northern Rhode Island, (actually over the border in MA)
About:I also help out on the FAQ wiki project, check it out at:

I used to roll with Javaspeed wednesday nights in Providence, now Smallstate usually does a classic scooter only ride then.

Find I am more interested in wrenching as the seasons go on. The more bikes you own the more work that needs to be done. I am working on setting up an extensive road repair kit and some more serious gear to do more extensive resto and repair at home.

Scooters I own:
1961AllstateThis pile of parts is masquarading as a scooter. Seized non-runner, barn bodged all over, rat extraordinaire! My first purchase, it keeps me humble. Someday, someday....
1976Sprint Veloce - EUIn Italy, the original owner put a P-horn cast on it. A lot of kids who couldn't afford a Nuouva Linea (P-series) but wanted to look more modern, would cut the metal horn cast off and install the Pseries plastic one, yes yes I know, but I am leaving it. A fairly good wet sanded masked repaint Red from original Dark Blue. Used in the movie Pink Panther II" (watch Andy Garcia escape from the 'exploding facory' on it).
1974Rally 200 - USIt was a US turn signal/battery model, removed in rewire by the original owner. A shriner bike (logos all removed prior) from SF, stock white with a black cowls/mudguard (a former dealer made up shiner group). Owners nephew brought it to New England a few years back. In process of a total resto, waiting on me to rebuild the fork. Engine with Pcrank conversion done by Chris Reeve last year, waiting for me to get off my butt.
1965SS180 - EUMy baby, a beautifully restored bike. (Thanks to Jim Fowler @ SCOMO) Stock/NOS/original all around - save Mauro Pascouli trim on the floor rails, a sebac rear shock and a mismatched glovebox rubber (white instead of grey). Oh... and a first over gearbox shim, like butta! First scooter to ever win a cup at the Larz Andersen Classic EU Motorcycle show (2005 - Larz Andersen Award - runner up to Best in Show). Also Best Vespa - 2005 Summit Point.
1963GS160 (Series II)Formerly owned by Dicky Barrett, lead singer of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Restored by a car guy not a scooterist so some things are not correct (repops and improper hardware). Painted House of Kolor Brandywine. Enough mistakes in the the resto that I don't feel bad riding it! Untill the Rally is done, this is my second scoot for riding.
1970GTr - EUA rat ("Ham sammich 2007" = best rat at FYBO 2007 - Mike Scott at the helm.) but not black, the brown brush painted with housepaint cowls add that patina of home. Stock top end, since a rinnovata, the three port 125 is peppy, but I do need to replace the kickstart quad as is can slip if you don't finesse it. If you're in town and good, it could be your loaner bike.
1964LI Silver SpecialBought out of maine, fixed bholes and replaced bent fork, added progressive springs, otherwise stock with farmered paint. Some day maybe I'll strip and paint.
1964LI Silver SpecialOG paint, OG tires, missing ignition lock, cracked fibreglass fender. Nice clean bike.
1964LI Silver SpecialBarn found, still to get it running and rock it as a shitbox.
1959LI 150 S1Need to be repainted, runs OK, but slow. New fork, new top end - should have kitted it.
1964TV175Barn find project - seized, need a headset top, seat cover and total redo, but it is a TV!
1959Bella 154Bought it in 2005 in Cape Elizabeth Maine. Used to be my 'Bagel Brunch' ride. Has unusual front rack on mudguard. Two-tone Red/White. Decided to refocus efforts on mainstream vintage especially redoubling efforts on my Lammys. Sold it to Susan in summer of 2010.
1958Bella 204Picked it up from Max in 2006, never got it going siezed, had spare piston from T&A). Decided to refocus efforts on mainstream vintage especially redoubling efforts on my Lammys. Sold it to a fellow in Denver in December of 2009.
1963GS Mk1Shhhh.
1959VS5 CushmanRunner, very straight. Repop headlight lens.

Here are a few of my favorite rally pictures.