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Here is picture of me.
Scooterist Picture

Lives inAmsterdam,

Scooters I own:
????Vespa ET3created for the first running of the IJsselkrieg. Budget was the key! -ET3 engine with polini 133 (with chewed-and-spat ring) bought for 35 euros from Antonio -ET3 pre-cut chassis from Hans Katers 10 euros, delivered! thanks again Hans! -front fork and headset from free 50 special -tires donated by Sten via Patrick -rest of pats'ed didn't make first two ruinnings of ijsselkrieg, finish 3rd place in 2005! notable parts being a welded-up Kreidler Florett tank holding 10L, cosa floorpan, and hand-beaten aluminum legshields. fun,fun,fun,fun recently fitted with a shortstroke motor for the Classic Scooter Race Demo in Lelystad. reed incduction and the 75cc polini HP cylinder proved to be good setup for the tight track, and the scooter made it to the races after 35min of flat out freeway driving.. top speed 95km/h
1970V50 (French Market)bought for 200 euros from Nox. Sat in garage nearly a year before putting it together for the 2nd running of the Koelner Kurs. Originally fitted with reverse-mount polini 133 reed-motor from ijsselkrieg bike, it now sports a rotary-iduction pk50 motor with ets crank, autisa 121cc, early VSP from Jim Fowler and TM24. Currently my daily driver.
1956VN1Long-Term project. to be fitted with 200cc cosa motor and hydraulic brakes. frame tweaked at back from cutting out sections for carb clearance.. waiting to find a way to straighten things up, and a good, cheap welder!!
Lambretta Li150 Silver SpecialBelongs to Gab!
1965GLXCurrently building a motor for Guido's GLX. Malossi Barrel, 60mm Flow-Favourable crank, MRB reed inlet, blah blah blah.. should be a fun one!
1992cosa 225
1985px 200
196750 Nlatest aquisition
2006koelner kurs
1960GLAracing scooter built for John van Tuyll. P150 motor with a polini 177, GS piston, 28mm Keihin carb. rotary induction.
2006dyno runs