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September 2016
Ultra Ride 5
Date: Sep. 10th-11th,2016 [countdown image]
Location: Cincinnati , Ohio
contact email: [retreive email address]
for info contact: Bob Hollis 8598141444
Ultra Rides 5
Free ,no registration . Sat nite meets at Ault park @ 7 pm ride thru Cincinnati ends at Cityview Tavern .

Sunday @1 pm is a meet up at Metro Scooter and a long ride out Roundbottom and back to Fries Cafe .
Concourse and a few other surprises . Free
All scoots are welcome .
Mo Scoots Mo better

Mighty Ohio Scooter Club
Own a Scoot , Ride a scoot . Have fun .

Did we say it was free?

Mighty Ooooo

Scooting The Ozarks
Date: Sep. 14th-17th,2016 [countdown image]
Location: Eureka Springs, Arkansas
contact email: [retreive email address]
for info contact:
Scooting The Ozarks is an all inclusive rally welcoming all scooters, modern and classic, mopeds to maxi scoots. This is a riders" rally with opportunities to ride the twisting, hilly roads in the Ozark Mountains of northwest Arkansas each day of the rally.

Baja Bound and Gagged No Border limits
Date: Sep. 16th-18th,2016 [countdown image]
Location: San Diego , California
contact email: [retreive email address]
for info contact:
This is Baja Bound and Gagged IV and Resurrection No Border Limits X
Back by overwhelming demand.
Place holder dates for the record.
FB page to come, again this year will have restricted attendance numbers to enable more fun in the Baja sun.
Lookin at the same 3 day format, new campsite site at the ocean, longer ride down and back and slightly MORE fun. (if that is possible)
Hit me up as an when...

Whiskey Run II
Date: Sep. 16th-18th,2016 [countdown image]
Location: Lexington, Kentucky
for info contact:
This is the annual rally put on by the Crazy Mary"s in Lexington, KY!!! The fun begins on Friday 9/16/16 with great rides through fantastic Central KY horse country on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. There are a few hotel recommendations on the Facebook page and the high level rally schedule.

Pre-registration is now open...Save $$$ by registering early

Missouri Loves Company
Date: Sep. 23rd-25th,2016 [countdown image]
Location: St. Louis, Missouri
contact email: [retreive email address]
for info contact: 314-282-5359
The 30 Days Scooter Gang is proud to present Missouri Loves Company IV: Less Work ‘Mo Play, Sepetember 23-24!

Do you ever miss your early days growing up? Ever wish you could return? We will take a trip back in time to revisit our childhoods and return to our youth.

We"ll start Friday with a night of revelry, rides, pinball, and punk rock. Saturday you can sleep in late (or see the sun come up!), watch Saturday Morning Cartoons while we Gymkhana, and take a trip to the biggest and best playground of them all: The St. Louis City Museum. We’ll end the weekend with Jamacian BBQ and Reggae, and raffle off a vintage Vespa scooter!

For complete details, schedule, rides, and registration, go to

EARLY REGISTRATION SPECIAL: If you register before 8/1/16, you will receive an extra 5 raffle tickets when you check in!