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September 2017
Missouri Loves Company 5: Midwestern Holiday
Date: Sep. 20th-24th,2017 [countdown image]
Location: St. Louis, Missouri
contact email: [retreive email address]
for info contact: 314-282-5359
The 30 Days Scooter Gang is proud to announce Missouri Loves Company 5: Midwestern Holiday. From itís founding in 1764 to today, immigrants to St. Louis have made significant contributions to our culture and history. As scooterists, our heritage is also an international one with classic Italian scooters, British Mod culture, Jamaican music, and newer Asian manufacturers picking up where Europe left off. This year, MLC5 will go on a world tour right here in the MidWest as we bring you St. Louisí finest Scooter Rally. We look forward to your company!