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View printable version of this page Buyer beware: how to identify asian restorations. There are 3 ads listed on 1 page, newest ads are first.

DescriptionLesson is don't buy site unseen, do your homework before buying. Buying any lambretta restored ,original, taken apart , imported. Will always have problems. Buying a used vehicle... ...more 
LocationLong beach, Cali 
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Date posted2017-01-18 17:24:39

Year/Make/ModelPATINA - pa·ti·na pəˈtēnə 
DescriptionDefinition of PATINA from our friend Wikipedia: -On metal, patina is a coating of various chemical compounds such as oxides, carbonates, sulfides, or sulfates formed on the surf... ...more 
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Date posted2017-01-07 08:59:12

Year/Make/ModelSs 180 
DescriptionF' that guy and his opinion. If you like rust, ride the rust. This is Patina, and patina is not rust. Patina is an overused buzz word. Rust IS Rust. A nicely restored and painted S... ...more 
LocationRusty Northeast 
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Personals - Ss 180
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Date posted2017-01-07 04:43:40