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AFSC Charity Easter Ride Out - 2006

These pictures were taken at AFSC Charity Easter Ride Out - 2006 in Paderborn, Germany by various people, they are arranged by photographer.

Rally Sponsors included:

To collect moneys from individual AOR to raise 1000 Euros or more.
To deliver a cheque for a substantial amount to a person in Bosenholz, near Paderborn.
The person who requires it was hit by a car last year and the nature of his injuries caused mental health problems.
He requires constant hospital attention.
To allow him to have care at home the hospital have said he requires a bed suitable to his requirements.
This costs around 1200 Euros.

You can see a list of which pictures people have added comments to at the picture comments page or view all the thumbnails on one page.
There is no patch for this rally in the patch gallery, please contact Bill if you've got one, or know for certain that there wasn't one.

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Dirk   66 Pictures  tiny thumbnails - slideshow