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Dear Scoot.net visitor:

We here at scoot.net love to host your photos. We put a lot of time, work, and equipment into it, at our own expense.

But with faster connections, higher resolutions, and bigger memory cards, we're getting an awful lot of worthless photos these days. We DO want you to upload, but please be considerate.

Please rotate your photos correctly

Please edit your photos, if you can't be bothered, we won't bother to post them. Look through photos that have already been posted, if there are already nine photos of that fancy blue GS at the Concours, don't post yours, too. If you have six photos of a group of friends in the same pose, choose the best one. If you accidentally hit the shutter as you were putting the camera in your bag, for the love of god, don't post it.

Note that if you change the name of the files, the order will be affected.

Please post all your photos under one name. If you use the same name--and same capitalization/punctuation--when uploading more later, they will be added to your previous gallery

The upload password is "sorted";

Remember that anyone can see your photos, including your parents and the parents of that of guy who rode his scooter thru camp naked. Sometimes what happens at a rally should stay at a rally.

If you post the 20 best of your 200 photos, you'll look like a great photographer, too!


This page will let you upload your pictures, you can either upload them as individual images, or as a ZIP archive.
If you have trouble with the upload, mail me at bill@scoot.net.

There are three steps:

  1. This page, contact information, your name, comments.
  2. Select images to upload, or Zip file.
  3. Actual uploading.

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