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cha cha, lcn, austin texas  Date: 2005-04-18 13:34:46
Comments: im jealous of the trailer. snow and rain aint nuthin though.

Becky  Date: 2005-04-15 16:34:24
Comments: Cha Cha, you're just jealous! (besides, we drove 650 miles each way to get to this rally. We hit snow going down and rain on the way back up!)

me Date: 2005-04-14 20:22:28
Comments: i so want that teardrop trailer. i was just talking about them the other day. nice.

cha cha  Date: 2005-04-14 06:46:37
Comments: WTF? The only real way to get to a rally is to ride.

Becky Date: 2005-04-13 23:25:27
Comments: The McCabe's rig ready to leave Portland for Sacromento

Date: 2005-04-13 23:24:27
Comments: Now THATS how to get to a Rally!