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kathy t great  Date: 2002-08-15 17:25:31
Comments: HEY!! look, rye, i'm the bottom of the S and i think i did a damn good job flexing! that was fun as hell--i think we need to spell words out of people more often.

Ray  Date: 2002-08-13 14:03:01
Comments: Bitch bitch bitch all people do is bitch as an outsider i think what you did was very neati saw it was vespa right away and i do not own or ride one

Trish  Date: 2002-08-12 13:56:25
Comments: And that's Hodge as the POINT on the exclamation.

Nate  Date: 2002-08-12 09:38:28
Comments: We couldn't get enough people to spell out anything more than lambr, unfortunately.
VE5P^ forever, d00d.

(It's supposed to be an exclamation point, because after I rode up the hill, the letters appeared to be filled out enough that I just dove in afterwards. Unfortunately I didn't have the opportunity to run back up the water tower to make sure everything was just right.)

rye  Date: 2002-08-12 08:02:32
Comments: is that suppose to be an exclamation point at the end?? you should have used those people to fill out the "A" better.
You should have found a more flexible person for the "s" too. it looks like a "5"

Trish  Date: 2002-08-12 07:31:57
Comments: The best part about the Vespa human alphabet was Nate riding his bike up the hill! S-T-E-E-P!