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Bagel!  Date: 2006-09-23 12:31:05
Comments: Amazing scenery, which was followed by steep downgrade. It's possible that my judgment was being affected by the long days of riding, when I made the mistake of watching my temperature gauge to determine when I should up-jet my carburetor. Instead of checking the altitude to determine when to change jets, I figured the motor would start running hot when it needed to be rejetted. Unfortunately the temperature gauge didn't get any hotter, but the motor did, and it seized up good. Luckly, Roy the scooter god was right behind me, and he gave me some great advice that allowed me to complete the day under my own power:
1. Squirt some 2-stroke into the cylinder via the spark plug hole to free to piston. Doing this both cooled and lubricated the metal, which allowed it to start turning freely again.
2. Baby it for the next 50-60 miles and go no more than 40 mph, then open it up more after that. Although it ran rough at first, this allowed the cylinder to re-bore itself, after which it started to run better.
3. If it seizes again, it's screwed. Luckily, I was able to ride the remaining 170 miles to Valentine, NE that day, under my own power!
Thanks for the fantastic advice Roy, you're a life saver!