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Jedi Cha Cha  Date: 2003-03-24 10:27:16
Comments: I saw a bajaj the other day.

pato Date: 2003-03-24 08:30:38
Comments: where you saw a bajaj? mr magoo........

Jedi Cha Cha  Date: 2003-03-20 10:12:44
Comments: No the sKoot Klutch Klan only drives scooters with glorious european heritage, with a Klutch, two stroKe motors, and gears, the way the lord intended it to be. We do not recognize the mixed heritage of such tainted sKooters as the Bajaj with its 4 stroKe motor!

pato Date: 2003-03-19 19:27:03
Comments: different people has different if you guys don't have nothing positive to say...just keep quiet...very simple,provably you drive a twist & go MARICA scooter...

Jedi Chad  Date: 2003-03-17 08:28:46
Comments: "We must secure the existence of naked rides and a future for geared metal scooters." - the legendary "15 words" of the sKoot Klutch Klan

rye  Date: 2003-03-16 23:37:56
Comments: The time in which we live is very exciting and any like minded individual would be proud to be an associate or supporter of this grass-roots movement to take back Scootering. The Knights of the sKoot Klutch Klan will in the years to come, become recognized by the American people as THE SKOOT KLUTCH MOVEMENT!

Jedi Cha Cha  Date: 2003-03-16 15:44:14
Comments: the secret rituals of the sKoot Klutch Klan..

snag  Date: 2003-03-09 19:29:17
Comments: you go girl!