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rye Date: 2003-09-05 02:40:14
Comments: new t-birds are gay. post your name homo.

Date: 2003-09-04 20:03:04
Comments: Screw that! Dumb ass move on both parts! Check out the T- bird on the left!

cha cha de los corazones negros  Date: 2003-09-03 18:31:26
Comments: Amen

Jen  Date: 2003-09-03 16:25:05
Comments: You know, for all the times that dumbass peds have casually stepped in front of scooters thinking "oh it's only a scooter-max speed 20 miles an hour--I can beat it" I say THANKS MISHA for teaching them a lesson! (and sorry if I mis-spelled your name).

cha cha de los corazones negros  Date: 2003-08-31 23:41:21
Comments: "hey, watch me run down a pedestrian!"