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Fred Fenster Date: 2003-09-03 15:52:29
Comments: the cap will only make you stronger.
the cap wasn't violated, but Mank certainly
was. Teabag anyone?

Keizer Soze  Date: 2003-09-03 14:58:14
Comments: Day 3 Captivity
Dear Chris "Aceface" Manke (AK: Fucking Steve), this is your dearly departed hat. I was abducted last Sunday during the Shindig festivities. You had placed me on the ground to snuggle with some new girl, when I felt water raining on me. Some one moved toward the fence at that point, where I was then abducted. I have been in solitary confinement since then and have become disoriented on my surroundings. My captor's have currently treated me with respect and I have not been violated at this time. As you can see from the provided photo.
My captor's are having me write this to let you know that my kidnapping is serving a larger purpose and that demands will be made of you in the near future to insure my release. I am fine, but do not care for my surroundings and would gladly give anything to be back on your slightly dark curly hair (that was fairly oily at times and is thinning out just perfectly if you ask me). I am being told now that I must return to my cell, good bye my friend.
Menke's Hat.
We will be in contact with you Mr. menke.
Keizer Soze's gang.