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Bill in SLC

Here are a few pictures of me.
Scooterist Picture
Scooterist Picture

NameBill in SLC
Lives inSalt Lake City, Utah
About:I live in Salt Lake City, Utah with my lovely wife Susan and two crazy dogs.
The garage contains 2 p200's, an et3, a 1956 NSU Prima D and a cute 1968 Lambretta Starstream.

our webmaster bill
keeping us geeks entertained
shut up cho, shut up

Scooters I own:
1980Vespa P200eMalossi Kitted fun.
1956NSU Prima DOriginal Condition 150cc electric start, with lots of chrome.
1980Vespa P200Mile High Mayhem 5 Raffle bike, mostly stock P200 with a few upgrades. Thanks DCD!

Here are a few of my favorite rally pictures.